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- With an old-fashioned glittery wool sweater and a strange pair of eyeglasses, Marion Dieterle embodies a figure between governess and grandmother. She snuggles into, wedges between and traverses contemplative and clustered landscapes.


The longing to stay and the urge to get away tug at this protagonist and are always palpable. The defiant attempt to adapt to external conditions — through her own strength and imagination — is mixed with the desire to find inner peace. Is it possible to seek this inner peace outside? The character develops a life of her own, with a mixture of optimism and sparkling overconfidence, in stark contrast with her original intention of mere participation. 


MOVING HOME creates a curious artificiality, transforms the big into the small, the inscrutable into the harmless, and lets us ponder how we might actually want to live. 

Dance/Choreography & Set: Marion Dieterle

Music: Ralf Freudenberger

Video Animation: Mathijs Stegink 

Lighting: Wolfgang Pütz

Mentoring: Barbara Fuchs, Sonia Franken, Jess Curtis

Thought & Writing - Provoking Impulses: Maren Zimmermann

Photos: Meyer Originals
Filming: Michael Straßburger

This is a production by DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry in coproduction with Silke Z./resistdance.
MOVING HOME was developed through various residencies enabled through the European network studiotrade at the Studio 11, Cologne and the Dansverkstæðið  Reykjavík (ISL), the MAD-Festival Cologne and the Château de Monthelon (F). This production is backed by the city of Cologne and carlswerk Cologne.


Moving Home - in studios, galleries, theatres and museums.

Moving Home, Installation, Marion Dieterle, Dossier 3-D-Poetry, Art, Dance, zeitgenössischer Tanz,
Moving Home, Marion Dieterle, Installation, Dossier 3-D-Poetry, art, dance, zeitgenösssischer Tanz
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