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2021/22/23 98 Hektar

Solo-Exhibition / Performance
October / November 2023
opening 19. Oktober / 18h


In “98 Hektar”, Marion Dieterle places the body in a 98 hectare landscape.  Through inhabiting, walking, moving, gathering and painting, she explores how observing and being exposed to plants and land can possibly change the way we live.  The exhibition shows some of the paintings and a dance performance created during this long-term research project.  The 98 hectares represent the world in which human, inventions, nature and (social) structures are seen as parts of an ecosystem. Will we act differently in our lives and in the way we create if we sharpen our sense of belonging?

Supported by iDAS nrw, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR

Special thanks to:
Angus Balbernie,
Ildiko Dornbach,
Detlev Ebeling, Ingrid Thiel,

Felix Frey
Gregor Hutz,
Marla Kozaczka,
Bernd Leineweber,
Florian, Albert and Breno Patschovsky,
Barbara Wacker,
Susanne and Gina Steinwart

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