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Marion Dieterle,

is a stage personality whose love of poetic and odd gestures, appearances and images always looks anew at bodies and their existence in the world. For her, dance is a medium that combines confrontation, expression and movement play, and transports content in a special way. 

Marion Dieterle lives in Cologne. She studied contemporary dance and performance at the Arnhem/Düsseldorf University of the Arts, formerly the European Dance Development Center. It was her exposure there to American postmodernism (Judson Church movement and subsequent generations) that decisively shaped her perspective and compositional work as a dancer at the age of 19.

As a choreographer, dancer and teacher, she positions herself on social issues and has been presenting her own choreographic works as DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry since 2006. She focuses on the theme of corporeality in the social spaces of contemporary life. With sociological subtlety, performatively and at the same time playfully, she interweaves patterns of perception of body and space with lived and constructed categories of the self and its environment. She plays with letting 'two-dimensional' ideas, drawings and sketches flow back into the dance space. Her projects are created in collaboration with the musician and composer Ralf Freudenberger (Freiburg).

As a dancer, she has worked with the company HeadFeedHands, Hideto Heshiki, Anne Hirth, Maya M. Carroll (née Lipsker), Mouvoir (Stephanie Thiersch), Gavin Webber & Kate Harman, among others. She teaches composition and contemporary dance technique at TIP (School for Dance, Improvisation & Performance) in Freiburg and practices Shiatsu.

She has already shown artistic presence at renowned houses such as the tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, the University of Exeter, E-Werk Freiburg and the Dansens Hus in Oslo. The piece "(This is) Cliff" won the 2019 Dance and Theater Prize of the City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg; "Flesh and Dolls" was nominated for the 2012 Cologne Dance and Theater Prize. With "Moving Home”, she drew attention as a promising young choreographer at the 2013 MAD Festival Cologne, the 2015 festival tanz nrw, "now & next" at tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, "first steps" - the festival series of Fabrik Heeder in Krefeld and at tanz.punkt Cologne. She maintains continuous national connections, especially in Baden-Württemberg such as the Tanzbiennale Heidelberg, the Frauenperspektiven Festival Karlsruhe 2015, the International Dance and Theater Festival Freiburg and the E-WERK Freiburg. In 2015 Marion Dieterle was an Associated Artist with Silke Z./resistdance, Cologne and is supported by iDAS nrw - International Dance Artist Service (at tanzhaus nrw). As part of ehrenfeldstudios e.V. (Cologne) she is committed to diversity in contemporary dance art.

Since 2019 drawing has been emphasized as an important aspect of her work, through her collaboration as one of the artists of Studio Komander Cologne.

Ralf Freudenberger

Ralf Freudenberger

From 1992-98 he studied Music (classical guitar, saxophone, composition) at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart.


Since 1996, he has been working as a freelance composer, sound designer and performer for international productions of theatre, ballet and contemporary dance. He also creates soundtracks for movies and installations.


In 2009 he began working with dancer and choreographer Marion Dieterle under the name DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry. Works created include Flesh and Dolls (2012) // Moving Home (2013) // My Body, My Choice,... (2014) // Chicks (2015) // (This is) Cliff (2017) // Help yourself to a little space! (2019)). 

Collaborations include:

Amanda Miller / Buffalo / Cologne

Hideto Heshiki / Okinawa / Zurich

Thomas Zamolo / France

Eytan Sivak / Israel

Willi Bernhard-Theatermerz / Graz

Michael Getman / New York

Lawrence English / Brisbane / Australia

Sidechain / Freiburg

Embryo / Munich

Bruno de Chenerilles / Straßburg




Tanzhaus Zurich

Cullbergbaletten Stockholm

Sommercamp Poggenhagen

kunstverein freiburg

Theaterfestival Freiburg

Splitterwerk / Graz

Stadtmuseum / Graz

SFB Sender Freies Berlin

Kamea Dance Company / Beer Sheva / Israel

ZKM / Karlsruhe

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