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Fleisch und Puppen / flesh and dolls

Who is into whom? And who is on top of whom?

Four dancers – four real bodies, brought to their feet and brought to their knees – demonstrate tender moments of intensity alongside sleazy assaults: in short the disturbingly complex range of socially acceptable to forbidden sexuality. 


Fleisch und Puppen (flesh and dolls) grabs, snakes, sucks, licks and pants its way along the precarious fine line between the eternal search for closeness and the infliction of subtle sexual violations. Giving support and applying pressure — these simple needs are stripped down and examined by Marion Dieterle’s unabashed, multifaceted staging. Firmly rooted in the here and now, through a series of unsettlingly fascinating images she conjures up erotic hopes, inept advances and intangible fears on the brink of lascivious candor. “Take it off!” Her thoughtful approach to the intricate morality of bodily contact in these times of overdone eroticism is captivating, with its shamelessly open gaze at body and soul. A highly physical, ecstatic piece, sometimes surreal, sometimes hauntingly realistic, it turns the spotlight onto human fragility and the force of desire.

Direction & choreography, video: Marion Dieterle

Dance: Florian Patschovsky, Tim Behren, Emily Welther, Marion Dieterle

Music: Ralf Freudenberger

Light: Wolfgang Pütz

Photos: Wolfgang Zurborn, Britt Schilling





Fleisch und Puppen (flesh and dolls) was nominated for the Cologne Dance and Theater Prize 2012.

The production is funded by the Culture Office of the City of Cologne. Thanks to Barnes Crossing - Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst Cologne, Canyon Chorweiler, Carlswerk Cologne, the Cologne Freihandelszone and Studio 11 Cologne for their support.

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