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We live, we work, we embody, we pose. One thing follows the other. Our bodies speak, sometimes for us, sometimes for themselves. Movements and assertions in the rhythm of the here and now. We stroll and dance along the paths of icons, clichés and ideals. Life leaves us no choice - or does it?

In her new piece, Marion Dieterle/DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry stages the meeting of two women, two dance careers, two contexts for the presentation of one’s own body: contemporary dance and the erotic dance industry. 




Concept & Choreography: Marion Dieterle

Creation & Performance: Marion Dieterle and Viktoriya Vitalyeva

Music: Ralf Freudenberger

Light Design: Wolfgang Pütz

With Collaborative Mentoring by Jess Curtis

Photos: Michael Straßburger 
Design: Peter Steinmetz


A production of DOSSIER 3-D-Poetry/Marion Dieterle, coproduced by the Cologne Choreographers' Network - Barnes Crossing and Jess Curtis/Gravity (Berlin/San Francisco)."My Body, My Choice ..." was created in residence at the Château de Monthelon, and is supported by the City of Cologne and the Kunststiftung NRW. Thanks to Studio 11 and Silke Z./resistdance.  

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